hint1 [ hınt ] noun **
1. ) count something that you say to show what you are thinking or feeling, without saying it directly:
hint that: He seemed so relaxed and gave no hint that anything was wrong.
take a/the hint (=understand what someone wants you to do): She hoped he would take the hint and leave her alone.
drop a hint (=say something in an indirect way): Sam keeps dropping hints about what he wants for his birthday.
Ferguson has dropped his broadest hint yet that he will retire next year.
a ) give someone a hint to give someone a small piece of information that helps them to guess something
2. ) singular hint of a small amount of something:
There was a hint of impatience in his voice.
yellow with a hint of green
more than a hint of something (=a lot of something): The profession welcomed the recommendations with more than a hint of relief.
I am clearly the best man for the job, he declared, without the slightest hint of irony.
a/the hint of a smile: Maybe, she replied with the hint of a smile.
a ) a sign that something exists or is going to happen:
After ten days of negotiations, there was still no hint of a breakthrough.
give no/little hint of something: The early morning weather gave no hint of the storms to come.
3. ) count a useful suggestion or piece of advice: TIP:
helpful hints: This leaflet is full of handy hints about safety in the home.
hint on: hints on how to improve your computer skills
hint 2 [ hınt ] verb intransitive or transitive *
to say what you are thinking or feeling in an indirect way:
hint (that): The FDA hinted that the crisis could continue throughout the summer.
hint at: Officials are hinting at the possibility of signing an agreement this week.

Usage of the words and phrases in modern English. 2013.

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